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Check out the "supercar" Lamborghini Urus "transformed" from Toyota Venza

 The Japanese tuner, still known as Albermo, has just released a bodykit that can "turn" a Toyota Venza into a Lamborghini Urus super SUV.

The house Albermo used to attract attention when making a bodykit for only about $ 2,000, but it can turn the Toyota RAV4 into a Lamborghini Urus supercar. And now, it's the turn of the Venza model.

Albermo's kit includes a completely new steering wheel, with large air vents and black details. In addition, the kit also has circular fog lights and a fake radar to make the product look like "genuine".
The wheel fenders have a large black trim. The rims were also replaced with the same new ones as those of the Lamborghini Urus supercar.

Some other changes include: a large rear spoiler fixed on the roof, a small spoiler mounted on the rear trunk lid and a very aggressive and ostentatious rear diffuser.
Tuner Albermo did not disclose the price of this bodykit, but confirmed that customers can completely buy each part separately, even in unpainted form.

Toyota Venza was discontinued for 5 years, then returned to the US market, with only a 2.5L hybrid engine version with a capacity of 219 horsepower.

This crossover model once caused a fever in Vietnam about ten years ago, with the peak selling price of nearly 1.9 billion VND.

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