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Bolton Strid, The World's Most Dangerous Water

 With a 100% fatality rate if dropped, Bolton Strid is a deadly assassin hiding under a poetic and picturesque appearance.

Located between Barden Tower and Bolton Abbey (Yorkshire, England) lies one of nature's most dangerous pitfalls: the Bolton Strid (Strid). This is a small stream, about 1.8m wide, picturesque. However, hidden under the seemingly innocuous peaceful water are strong groundwater currents that make it difficult for anyone who is sucked in to survive.

Although there is no official death toll in Strid, its "notoriety" has spread not only in the region, but also in the UK.

So how can a small stream become the most dangerous body of water in the world? In less than 100 meters, this small stream joins the River Wharfe in the north, which flows through Yorkshire. When it reached the site of Bolton monastery, the water was forced to flow through a narrow and deep cleft, causing the current to have great speed. Beneath that is a network of caves and tunnels containing all the rest of the river water. No one really knows how deep the Strid is.

The narrow distance between the two banks of the Bolton Strid makes many strangers come from far away to hallucinate, thinking that the two banks are very close to each other and can easily jump over. Many people even intend to wade through this stream because they think that the water here is very shallow, just up to the knee. However, that is just a trap and many people easily fall into it. And death immediately rushed to greet them as soon as someone fell into the water.
In 1998, honeymoon couple Barry and Lynn Collett visited the place and are believed to have drowned in Bolton Strid. This once again became the subject of discussion and concern throughout the UK. However, Strid's reputation has been known to many people since the 1800s. It has been mentioned by writer Gertrude Atherton in many of his short story works. In the 12th century, the Strid was compared to the danger of another Yorkshire river, the Aire: "If Aire kills one man, Wharfe kills five times more".

One of Strid's victims was young William de Romilly, the son of Princess Alice de Romilly. William tried to jump over the Strid in 1154 and failed. His mother was very saddened by the death of her son and donated all of her property and land around to establish Bolton monastery. Its last victim was in March 2010, Aaron Page an 8-year-old boy slipped and drowned on his birthday, while playing in this area. Some time later, the police were sent to the Wharfe River near the monastery to keep an eye on people, not to let people near. At that part of the river, the government put up warning signs, prohibiting people from bathing or diving because of the danger.

In 2016, Bolton Strid again attracted the attention of tourists around the world, when British YouTuber Tom Scott introduced it in his video with the title: the most dangerous waters in the world. Scott also says that there are other deadly waters around the world, but Strid's deceptive appearance makes it extremely dangerous. “In general, you can come here and see small, seemingly harmless streams of water in the middle of the forest. You can jump over it, some people succeed. But if you fail, the current will kill you," warned Scott.

Today, Bolton Strid is dangerous, but still a popular destination for curious and adventurous people. However, those who want to come here to see this deadly current are advised not to stand near the shore or try to jump over it. Along the banks of the Strid are also warning words: "Strid is very dangerous and takes many lives. Please stop and watch out for slippery rocks.”

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