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Almost lost my life for wearing super short shorts

 The 25-year-old girl named Sam contracted sepsis after wearing jeans shorts during an eight-hour date.

The story was shared by Sam in a new video posted on TikTok. Three years ago, the girl from North Carolina chose sexy pants for the first date with her boyfriend. "I went out with him all day and realized I was wearing a very uncomfortable outfit. But I let it go to continue enjoying the fun moments," Sam further revealed to Buzzfeed.
The next day, she felt pain and discovered a cut between her buttocks. The area grew larger and larger, making her tired and stinging like a knife. When she encountered the symptoms of "shivering, shortness of breath, body aches, unable to walk", TikToker decided to go to the clinic. The doctor informed her that she had cellulitis and sepsis, which could lead to death.

"I spent almost four days in the intensive care unit (ICU). The doctors argued about surgically removing my infected buttock. Fortunately, I was starting to recover so there was no need for it. surgery," Sam said.

The American girl stayed in the hospital for three more days to fully recover before going home. However, after a month, her cellulitis recurred causing her to return to the emergency room and be treated with antibiotics for a day.

Sam's video has now surpassed 8 million views and has attracted more than 3,000 comments. After reading many comments, she shared: "Most people are shocked by the story I went through, but I am extremely surprised at the number of people who said the same thing happened to them."

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