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Why is Galaxy Watch 4 said that is a smart and trendy watch?

 The boundary between fashion wristwatches and smartwatches is gradually narrowing thanks to products that are "both ways" in terms of features and design like the Galaxy Watch 4.

For a long time, a wristwatch is not only a tool made to perform each of their tasks of telling the time, but has become a piece of jewelry, expressing the personality and class of the wearer. When technology manufacturers start developing smartwatches, this has not changed, no matter how full of features they have, they still have to be fashionable, have to become something that everyone want to use, want to "show off" every day.

For smartwatches, this is not an easy task as they must contain many electronic components, performing more features than traditional watches. There are smartwatches that are too big, bulky or simply have to sacrifice "beauty" to ensure features.

Galaxy Watch 4 Series are the smartwatches that users have been waiting for, possessing all the most advanced technologies today, but still do not have to trade anything in terms of finishing quality as well as aesthetics. It all starts with the exterior material, which is made of metal with the Galaxy Watch 4 being aluminum and the more refined version of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in stainless steel.

Both are equipped with leather and rubber straps with a seamless design, leaving no gaps with the watch body, something that previous round smartwatches could not do. The straps are all color-matched to the watch, in which the highlight is the copper gold Galaxy Watch 4 version with a pink rubber band, which will definitely suit the ladies.

With the Galaxy Watch 4 Series, design and features are two factors that work in harmony with each other, not opposites. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic version is equipped with a small dial on the edge of the screen, making it look like a strong, masculine dive watch. This bracelet lets you navigate the smartwatch interface, adding a quick way to navigate alongside the touchscreen. The Galaxy Watch4 has a design more like a dress watch, so it has removed the physical rotation, but still keeps the touch bezel to preserve the control feature that has become a trademark of the Galaxy Watch series.

The point where Samsung has also done very well is about the size of this product line. The Galaxy Watch 4 has two versions of 40 and 44mm, while the Galaxy Watch4 Classic has 42 and 46mm sizes. The fact that there are many different sizes helps everyone, regardless of male or female and any wrist size, find a Galaxy Watch 4 that is right for them.

Not only fashionable, Galaxy Watch4 Series is also one of the most modern smartwatches today. This duo owns all the healthcare sensors including heart rate measurement, electrocardiogram and bioimpedance analysis sensor to measure body measurements such as muscle mass, weight, ratio fat and metabolism. The operating system upgrade from Tizen to WearOS gives the Galaxy Watch 4 series a huge amount of watch-faces and supporting apps, which have been developed over a long period of time by Google and other developers. presenter.

When combined with other products in the Galaxy ecosystem, the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic become even more "powerful". You'll be able to make quick payments with the Samsung Pay app, enjoy music anywhere with the Galaxy Buds, and make calls and text messages hands-free instead of your Galaxy Tab smartphone or tablet. What the Watch 4 Series is all about is a premium experience in terms of appearance, complete and seamless in terms of software experience.

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