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What laptop trend is taking the throne in the age of learning and working from home?

 Choosing a thin and light laptop is standard, but to what extent must the above criteria be met to suit the needs of today's young people to learn - work - play?

Outstanding performance, smooth display

The first criterion is a powerful configuration level that does not consume battery power. A laptop with a powerful processor (chip) with a maximum single-core clock speed of 4.7GHz will help with almost 80% of common work tasks.

Next is the laptop's visibility. Laptop needs to be integrated with a powerful graphics card, which can meet 1080p 60FPS display quality, providing fast image processing speed. In addition, the application of AI artificial intelligence and support to output multiple 4K and 8K HDR standard screens at the same time is a plus point to help reduce image noise and handle complex graphics easily.

The ability to connect quickly

Currently the Wi-fi 6 standard is the latest update to the wireless networking standard. According to experts Wi-fi 6 is about 4 times faster than the old Wi-fi 5 standard, and reduces latency by 75%. These improvements will make online learning more seamless, reducing the before-and-after noise in crowded classes. In addition, laptops with Wi-Fi 6 are all updated with the WPA3 security protocol, making it better for information security.

Another new connection standard on laptops is the Thunderbolt™ 4 port. This is a versatile fast charging port that can both charge and quickly connect other peripherals.

Currently, the Tiger Lake chip - Intel's 11th generation chip is manufactured on 10nm SuperFin, especially with a single-core clock of up to 4.7GHz, allowing it to be able to meet office and entertainment tasks in a way. smooth. Tiger Lake is integrated with Intel Iris Xe Graphics card specialized for gaming laptops.

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