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We've had Fashion Week seasons full of such traumatic disasters...

A year when Vietnam International Fashion Week is absent, do you still remember the fashion disasters that shocked the hearts of all beings?

The specialty of each season of Vietnam International Fashion Week is... a fashion disaster.
Until the next appointment, that vibrant and colorful series of events is like a magnet attracting the quintessence of fashion creation and even deviant ideas beyond words.

This year, under the influence of the epidemic, Vietnam International Fashion Week sadly suffers from being behind the pace of fashion weeks around the world.

Perhaps the public will feel nostalgic, lacking when they do not have the opportunity to look at the "monstrous" minds who dare to show their fashion thinking, but 11 people look at them, and 11 people criticize them.

A young man using costumes to tell a fairy tale about European witches stands at the Shanghai pier, his face seems to be enhanced by the lace and hairpins that are often seen in ladies in Chinese movies.
Dara - a former 2NE1 member with legendary "coconut tree" hair suddenly appeared in the capital and then had to be in the top dressing?

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