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Vinfast chooses cerence as a partner to develop voice-controlled intelligent virtual assistants

 On September 28, VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd officially announced to officially select Cerence Company (USA) as a partner to provide voice control AI solutions on smart electric cars.

With the 6 most popular languages, Cerence will ensure VinFast cars in global languages ​​so that they can confidently go out to the world.

Cerence is the world's leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for cars, in which its breakthrough voice-controlled virtual assistant technology has been applied to nearly 400 million cars. paint globally.

Under the agreement, Cerence will provide VinFast with a number of core technologies such as automatic speech recognition, natural language translation (NLU), text-to-speech, natural language generation (NLG) and enhance voice signals to develop virtual assistants capable of two-way communication like humans. The virtual assistant can understand user commands and questions in 6 different languages, including English, German, French (for French and Canadians), Spanish and Dutch.

After the "Hey VinFast" activation command, users can ask the virtual assistant to perform control tasks such as increasing or decreasing the temperature, providing common sense information, news, sports, and stocks. , entertainment calendar or information about famous landmarks and tourist attractions.... Especially, in the version jointly developed by Cerence and VinFast, users can interrupt the assistant. virtual to give new commands instead of having to listen to the entire automatic dialogue like some other solutions.

Advanced embedded technologies and cloud computing from Cerence also assist car owners in all operations: from determining routes and controlling the vehicle to calling, texting or controlling the vehicle's infotainment system. .. Users can also ask the virtual assistant to provide operating parameters such as tire pressure, warning lights and adjust advanced driver assistance features (ADAS), control the environment in vehicle to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

The combination of Cerence's voice-controlled virtual assistant technology with rich linguistic data sources and VinFast's superior AI system will bring users an effective two-way interactive experience in the language itself. native of the markets.

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