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Supermodel Miranda Kerr revealed to be very close to ex-husband's girlfriend

 Miranda Kerr shared, she and her new husband - billionaire Evan Spiegel have a close relationship with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Katy Perry.

In an interview on September 28, former lingerie angel Miranda Kerr shared that she and her ex-husband Orlando Bloom still maintain a good relationship after the divorce and she even loves Katy Perry - her friend. Orlando Bloom's new girl.

The 38-year-old Australian "long legs" is currently living happily with billionaire Evan Spiegel, 31, while her ex-husband - The Lord of the Rings star is now engaged to pop singer Katy Perry, 36 the age.
Miranda Kerr confided: "My husband and Orlando are really good together, like Katy and I, our relationship is very harmonious. Me and Katy are like friends before. So it's one lucky thing".

Although divorced since 2013, Miranda and Orlando have turned from love to a very close friendship. "Ever since Orlando and I broke up, we've become very close friends, which is really good. I always want the best for him and he always wants the best for me. ".

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