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Rosé - Jisoo at this year's Fashion Week: She's already pretty, so she wears light to make her less attractive?

 Contrary to public expectations, Jisoo and Rosé - under the leadership of Dior and Saint Laurent have brought viewers to a twisted extreme of fashion.

The shows of Saint Laurent and Dior within the framework of Paris Fashion Week took place last night, which are considered two of the few fashion events that have attracted the attention of fans in recent times.

Throughout the concerts, the hashtags #Jisoo and #Rose reached the top trends of Twitter and Instagram, showing how big the charms of the two female idols are and how people expect their appearances.
Ironically, the paradox shows that whenever people have high expectations for the visual explosion of idols, the reality is likely to be far different.

Rosé and Saint Laurent - Jisoo and Dior, no one told everyone to go to a big event with a breakthrough look.

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