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Miss Universe Olivia Culpo seductive with black chiffon dress

 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo beautiful and sexy attended the party to celebrate the premiere of her new movie "Venus as a Boy" taking place in the US on September 22.

Not just models and fashion influencers. Since 2014, Olivia Culpo began acting in films. She acted in both movies and TV series. Although she only received small roles, she was evaluated quite well for her acting ability. In the photo, the beauty went to Italy to attend the Venice Film Festival in early September.
Olivia Culpo, 29 years old and only 1.65 m tall, but she is still one of the most famous Miss Universe America. The beauty used to be a cellist before being crowned Miss America 2012.

Miss Universe 2012 beautiful Olivia Culpo attended the party to celebrate the release of her new movie Venus as a Boy. The event took place in Los Angeles, USA on the evening of September 22. Olivia Culpo is an Instagram hotgirl and a popular fashionista with nearly 5 million followers on her personal Instagram page.

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