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HOT: Rosé appeared at the Saint Laurent show, wearing sexy see-through clothes, less "teasing" makeup

 Today, Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2022 collection under the framework of Paris Fashion Week 2022 officially took place, and the most anticipated character at this show is none other than Rosé - the global ambassador of the country's fashion house.

While Jisoo's sister is quite tight-lipped about moving, fans easily met Rosé before the show took place at the hotel she was staying at. This time it's still black, but Rosé has been more innovative with the see-through material, revealing very sexy inside.

Looking from afar, I thought that Rosé was wearing a gentle outfit this time, but up close, I saw that she was very nice and so on, look at her bouncy bust and the fragile skirt hanging on Rosé's shoulders!

However, Rosé's hair and makeup style does not have many breakthroughs, still loyal to the familiar lady style

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