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Future vision in a controversial Porsche design

 When it comes to Porsche, people immediately think of trendy sports cars, so this design idea of the German car brand is really surprising.

It's the Porsche Renndienst, a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that promises futuristic features, technology and design.

Renndienst is one of 15 car projects published in the book Porsche Unseen: Design Studies (roughly translated: The Unseen at Porsche: Design Projects) published by Porsche itself. In part 4 of the book, this car is inspired by the Volkswagen "Race Service" model that previously served the company's racing team. This is the idea of a multi-purpose vehicle, with up to 6 seats for families.

Together with two main Porsche designers, Michael Mauer and Markus Auerbach, Ivo van Hulten - User Experience Design Director - has continuously explored and learned about future customer needs and applications, test it on this MPV sample everyday.

They came up with design ideas based on the method of "arguing from the ground up" or "developing on assumptions" to create fresh ideas, towards the functions and amenities that will be care in the future.

“We are building an impressive brand history with our UX design department and are boldly looking to the future,” said van Hulten.

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