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Discover the Aston Martin DB5 "No Time To Die" version of James Bond

 Aston Martin cooperated with The Little Car Company to launch the DB5 special edition No Time To Die, limited to 125 units and equipped with many "spy" gadgets like in the movie of the same name.

The model is officially named DB5 Junior, also known as DB5 No Time To Die Edition, which is a shortened version that is 2/3 the size of the DB5.The car has a classic Bond-car style, equipped with an electric motor capable of traveling for a distance of 130 km and reaching a speed of up to 72.5 km / h.

The special edition DB5 uses coil springs with Bilstein dampers for extra power, while Brembo disc brakes are able to regenerate energy to recharge the battery when braking. Components such as fuel gauge, battery charge level indicator have been changed in a modern direction.
The exterior of No Time To Die Edition has a classic Silver Birch paint color. The interior is equipped with a quick-release steering wheel, additional Smiths instruments and individually numbered badges for each vehicle.
Discover Aston Martin DB5 No Time To Die James Bond Edition - 4Click to enlarge imageAston Martin DB5 Junior is limited to 125 pieces.
To develop complex gadgets in miniature form like the DB5 that appeared in the James Bond movie, The Little Car Company consulted with the character who worked on the film No Time To Die and came up with optimal design.
Explore Aston Martin DB5 No Time To Die James Bond Edition - 5Click to Enlarge ImageThe DB5 Junior license plate uses a digital display.
Simulating the car in the movie, the DB5 Junior special edition can release smoke in an "escape." This is a special type of safe smoke, stored in the fuel tank and discharged through the rear exhaust, bringing an interesting feeling to the owner.

More impressive are the front headlights that can be lowered and transformed into two simulated Gatling guns that create fake-barreled explosions and flashes.

Discover Aston Martin DB5 No Time To Die James Bond Edition - 6Click to Enlarge Image
In addition, Aston Martin DB5 Junior has a license plate that uses a digital screen to help the car change the plate easily. All of the above equipment operates through an individual control or in the switch panel located in the interior compartment.

Explore the Aston Martin DB5 No Time To Die James Bond version - 7Click to enlarge the dashboard of the simulation equipment on the car.
Although the DB5 Junior special edition is not legal, the car still enjoys some privileges to be able to move on the road. Customers will automatically become members of the "Aston Martin Owners" club when they purchase a vehicle, allowing them to participate in exclusive driving events or on the track.

Aston Martin DB5 No Time To Die Edition is limited to 125 pieces and is a treasured item for future collectors of classic cars. The selling price of this version is about 123,000 USD (about 2.8 billion VND).

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