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Hot girl Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh - self-made at the age of 19, has now owned a chain of sports shops that many people admire.

The young community knew the name Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh a few years ago with sexy, seductive, and full of life images, but few people would have guessed that she had quietly developed her own clothing store system. sports in Hanoi, Bac Ninh and expected to be many other provinces in the country.

Hot girl Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh was born in 1998 and now lives and works in Hanoi. She owns a hot sexy style with a height of 1m65, 3-round measurements of 89-58-98, pink and white skin, a lovely face and "smiling" eyes.

The advantage of body makes Kieu Oanh become a model sought by many fashion and cosmetic brands. Taking photos is not only Kieu Oanh's hobby but also every girl, taking pictures as much as you want while earning extra income, what fun is there? Therefore, the girl soon had a relatively stable source of income even at a very young age.

To be able to be independent in the midst of a magnificent but fraught capital is really not easy, but Kieu Oanh was fortunate to do what she wanted from the age of 19 with her own acumen. She is independent by opening a sports fashion shop in Hanoi. After the first few months of meager operation, after that, more and more customers came. It was Kieu Oanh who modeled for her shop, had beautiful photos posted on her personal page, and then more people knew about the shop… It can be said that it is a recipe for success that is not easy for anyone to get.
After the first store was successful, Kieu Oanh continued to open a second store in Hanoi with a larger scale than before. Up to now, Kieu Oanh continues to expand her sports shop chain with a store in Bac Ninh. The young girl does not hide her ambition to own a chain of stores in many provinces and cities with her own identity...

After a period of hard work, the young girl now has an income of 200-300 million dong/month, not only independent for herself but also helping her family when needed.

Kieu Oanh confided: "Work is very busy at times, but working for me, for my passion and for my future, I'm very happy even though I'm tired. Sometimes I feel happy because of busy work."

However, the hot girl was also honest when she revealed: Outside of work, when she has free time, she takes pictures, reads books, sings, travels... and especially, Kieu Oanh always says no to alcohol. , smoking, going to the bar…

The more beautiful and successful she becomes, the more fans follow Kieu Oanh on her personal page and has surpassed the 50,000 mark. A large number of followers helps Kieu Oanh earn more money from taking sexy photos, modeling...

To keep the number of fans she already has, Kieu Oanh always tries to take care of her body and mind. She revealed: "I don't have a fixed beauty secret but only the criterion of sitting less, eating just enough and drinking a lot of water. Mentally, I am a perfectionist, so I always try to complete work with 100% of my own energy and be trusted by partners. As for antifan, I'm sure I can't please everyone, but I filter all comments from the community to improve myself."

Regarding love, Kieu Oanh is a difficult person, she has been hurt many times in love, but only considers it a wonderful experience of the days when she is impulsive and foolish and also becomes more mature herself, knowing Thank you and appreciate what you have.

As for the criteria for choosing a future life partner, Kieu Oanh stated: "If I could only choose 2 important factors to decide to get married or become a lover, I would choose: Rich and good at sex. Because in my opinion, smart people are not necessarily rich, but rich are definitely smart. That's the person who helped me have a place I trust and a future in the future. People who are good at sex are people with good health, thus bringing family happiness and a feeling of being loved.”

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