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Waramporn Dolly makes headlines for her feminine taste

Possessing a beautiful appearance, Waramporn Dolly still dress as sexy as girls.

Waramporn Dolly was born in 1993, known as one of the prominent Thailand Model. Not only young, sexy she also has impressive taste, ready to try out outfits with strange designs, even being considered weird.

Therefore, just looking at some pictures of  Waramporn Dolly can hardly believe she is a mother.Not only wearing the usual embellished designs, Waramporn Dolly opted for a variety of daring outfits such as a deep bib neckline paired with thigh-skimming jeans.

She does not hesitate to choose outfits with special designs that make a visual impression like this. The figure-hugging short-sleeved top also showed off her tattoos.

She wore a figure-hugging dress with a traditional vertical neckline, but her torso was modern in a deep cut, highlighting fancy chest-hugging detailing.

The beauty continued to wear bralette paired with jeans that have become a brand. The glamorous lace bralette design was used as a croptop.

Known as a hot girl, it is not surprising that She is highly appreciated for her appearance. She later succeeded in taking on the role of model, actress, singer.

The beauty also developed a business career with her personal fashion brand. She herself also has an eye-catching taste when wearing moderately sexy items.

Performing a fashion shoot, She wore a feminine dress with a deep neckline to reveal a sparkling first round. With this style, the non-lingerie style is the most suitable, delicately charming.

Some time ago, She was negatively commented when wearing revealing after marriage.

Concept : Yellow Snake
Model : Waramporn Dolly
IG : dolly.yui
Photographer : Pongthep Tum Rider

Tagline: dolly.yui,pongthep tum rider,waramporn dolly,yui

Fanpage Support: Jieese Lee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jieeselee/

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