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การ์ตูน ธนิฎฐา เผ่าทองจีน to practice squat with weights

Hot Model การ์ตูน ธนิฎฐา เผ่าทองจีน possesses a hot body thanks to hard training.

Before winning the title of miss, การ์ตูน ธนิฎฐา เผ่าทองจีน was a famous photo model. She has done wedding photos with Luong The Thanh.This is the same thing that fans call her "old love" of the handsome actor.
การ์ตูน ธนิฎฐา เผ่าทองจีน possesses impressive body shape by spending a lot of time "camping" in the gym. The beauty's golden ratio body measurement always causes fans to pay a lot of praise: 90 -62 -91cm. An impressive height of 1.71m to compete in the international beauty playground.
Having lived and worked abroad, She possesses a liberal beauty. Her dominant body thanks to her gym is praised by beauty fans, many people think that she is the hottest queen today.
Moreover, She will be a continuation of Huong Giang to participate in Miss Transgender World, so the training is more urgent. She spends a lot of time in the gym, practicing a variety of activities. The lower body is more focused, especially the waist tightening and the "degree" of the 3rd round.

At that time, She participated in a 10-day training challenge with her trainer to improve her physique. The less toned waist is the most obvious change, the baseline 11 appears attractive. Regarding the exercise to the number 3, She performed squats with weights. More effective movement when combined with weights, be it hand weights, weights ...depending on the strength of each person. When performing this movement, the focus is on the back, awakening the developed 3rd ring muscle. At the same time, when combining regular breathing during training, it will help the waist to be slimmer.
Squat exercises are done regularly by her.
Her hot body was praised by beauty fans.

After practicing, there may be muscle tension in the buttocks and thighs, so you should perform muscle relaxation movements or simple yoga movements.

To have a toned round as desired, you can combine squats with weights, jogging to increase endurance. In addition, you should drink enough 3 liters of water a day, limit eating starches in the evening, increase green vegetables, foods high in protein.

For transgender people, when the body is completely stable, it is possible to practice sports from light to heavy to improve health. Body characteristics such as waistline or waistline, calves, biceps... can all be improved by gym or yoga, outdoor sports...

However, transgender people's breasts are artificial, so when exercising, you should choose a bra with a snug fit. Avoid exercises that affect the chest area too much, which will cause sagging or jostling, imbalance.
She's hot body helps her transform with many different fashion styles.She was "chosen by many domestic designers" to show off her runway or take photoshoots.

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