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This must be the most sexy bikini beauty in Vietnamese showbiz, sexy "deadly"

Yaya Truong Nhi is a Vietnamese beauty who has an un immortal love for swimwear.

Yaya Truong Nhi owns a swimwear collection with many unique designs.

Yaya Truong Nhi is known as a beautiful actor of Vietnamese entertainment village. Not only that, she also possesses impressive height and a balanced body thanks to hard training. Confident in her perfect physique, Yaya Truong Nhi regularly shows off her swimsuit moments on her profile or hot swimsuit fashions.
She owns a variety of unique swimsuits from shape to color. The designs embellish the wearer's body thoroughly. Not only that, Yaya Truong Nhi is also quite creative in the way of combining swimwear. As she dons with her sneakers, wearing long boots, she wears accessories.
She recently fell in love with leggings-like long-legged swimsuits. Eye-catching purple swimsuit, tight to the actress's traditional body. The swimsuit material is as thin as drawing on her skin at different angles.

Yaya Truong Nhi showed off her large third round in a high-waisted swimsuit.

Netizens comment on the pose a little...beauty's back pain. However, the soft body curve that Yaya Truong Nhi has is the result of regular training.

Yaya Truong Nhi's swimwear is considered beautiful but uncomfortable when swimming.Because the sleeves like leggings will limit the arm reaching out when swimming in the water.

Yaya Truong Nhi said she learns and thinks more with swimsuit models that fit her pure Vietnamese physique. The actress designed her own swimwear to help conceal her concealer but remained youthful. Besides, to achieve the most perfect beauty for the wearer, Yaya Truong Nhi has small notes for women when choosing swimwear: cool material, good elasticity, neither tight nor too wide... it is necessary to have evenly colored skin in places near sensitive areas and encourage girls to clean the triangular area. In addition, she emphasizes more elements of color, accessories, makeup layout ...meet the criteria of youthful, sexy but not exceeding the limits of the beauty of Vietnamese women.

The last factor she wants to emphasize when it comes to swimsuits is: The wearer must be confident. When the wearer is confident, posing is eye-catching and trendy. "On Instagram, the whole world uses and beats more fashion images, so I always "burst the roof" with images/videos wearing super violent swimsuits, tiny or knitted strings" - Yaya Truong Nhi once said. 

She added that wearing sexy swimsuits poses seductively in front of a group of men or in front of many people who are not shy. Because, she and her team always work with the most serious and professional attitude.

Yaya Truong Nhi revealed that her sexy image is also used on film and is looking forward to the reception of fans. She also expresses her views, women 4.0 best should just "let go" on the social networking site, do not turn social networks into tools to sketch themselves as a negative person. 

"In my view, women in the 4.0 era are beautiful women who know how to dress, be polite and especially master themselves" - Yaya Truong Nhi affirmed.

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