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The ensemble of young miss bamboo shoots from Nam Dinh, Hai Phong owns the "golden point" of the body

The online photo contest of Miss Universe Vietnam 2021 gradually heated up as the "warriors" showed up more and more.

The Nam Dinh-born beauty has a height of 1.74m and a measurement of 3 rounds: 90 - 63 - 95cm.

Ha Vy's beautiful hourglass body is praised by netizens, approaching the golden ratio.

To get the sexy body as it is, Ha Vy chooses to play golf to "degree" the shape.

Golf brings a lot of health benefits, while forging women's shapes more sexy and toned.

Whether playing on artificial turf or turf, the sport offers certain benefits.

When playing golf under different weather conditions, you will have different calorie consumption.

At that time, the body needs to recharge more mineral water to compensate for the amount of water excreted through the skin, this way helps the body to detoxify effectively, the skin is more pink.

She regularly shares workout photos on her profile with her beautiful style.

American beauty born in 2000 currently lives and works in Saigon with free work.

"I love fashion and art.Because for me, fashion and art are never limited by anything...

... I always try every day to live every second.If you love me, please support me in Miss Universe Vietnam" - Ha Vy confides.

Bui Thu Huyen is a contestant who received great support from beauty fans with a beautiful and impressive face.

She was born in 1998 and is from Hai Phong.

Thu Huyen is a model so always maintain the body in the most impressive form.

She regularly posts lingerie photos on her profile, and the shop owner and model attracts a large following.

Thu Huyen has an impressive measurement of 3 rings: 88- 58 -89cm, she is one of the contestants who owns the smallest waist to date.

Thu Huyen has a height of 1.7m with a standard body every centimeter is a factor that helps her receive great support from beauty fans.

Although many people advised her to be more suitable for Miss World Vietnam or Miss Vietnam than Miss Universe Vietnam 2021, she did not care.
"Coming to the competition, I want to try, experience and break my limits.If I can go deeper, I hope to contribute a small part with the contestants to bring the best messages and things to the community" - Thu Huyen said.

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