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"Stay at home anti-epidemic" fashion of actor Yuri

Yuri fills her free time at home with impressive fashion shoots.

Yuri is known as a young model and actress of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. She is still learning and gaining more experience to expand her career path with the acting profession in the past time.

Talking about fashion style, Swan has a multi-color expression and is oriented towards a sexy and seductive image. Especially at this time, we are encouraged to stay at home and only go out when necessary, Swan has produced many impressive fashion moments.

Talking more about the series of attractive pictures with flattering clothes, Yuri confided: "This time is advised to stay at home, the time to go out to shoot or coffee as before is limited, I spend most of my time at home. I only go out when it's really necessary, so I'm pretty free.

Because of my free time, I wanted to do something more interesting and busier, so I chose to practice makeup, skin care and photography at home. I choose a sexy style to be more attractive, I want to change many concepts for fun.

As a girl who strives for a healthy, energetic image with a hot body, I want a rich self-image. I do not follow a fixed fashion style. Investing in the image and taking care of yourself is not only good for you, but you may find an opportunity to become the face of a brand.

To get these pictures, my mother was the one who supported me," added Yuri.

Yuri choose the basic items but when combined to create a harmonious overall.The physique factor is always the first choice in each photo.Not only that, the fashion personality of the Dalat-born beauty is also shown by the use of accessories.

To have a fashion photo at home is not difficult if you follow the suggestion of Swan. An important factor to make the image not monotonous is to choose the shooting space, facial expression and pose...

She advises everyone, even if they stay at home to avoid the epidemic, they should also practice sports or gently exercise their body to avoid uncontrolled weight gain. With Yuri, she chose to exercise in combination with limited eating at night, eating starch to not "break" her figure.

With a nature that likes to explore and experiment with many fashion styles, Yuri has been criticized for how she dresses before. Specifically, it can be said that Da Lat's long legs were the first to experiment with the fashion of slacks in Vietnam. The beauty of the 3rd round is half closed and half open when she wears it with short pants.

However, at that time, Yuri openly spoke up and affirmed that the way she was dressed was not offensive. More importantly, at present, this is a fashion trend promoted by many Vietnamese stars and has become an indispensable fashion, especially for girls who love freedom.

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