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South Korean beauty criticised for wearing daisy uniform

Wearing a shirt to reveal the distance between the buttons is judged to be less charming, with the schoolgirl uniform even more offensive.

Shirts are popular outfits that have a simple design but give an elegant, delicate appearance to both men and women. The standardity of shirts makes it commonly used in uniforms. One of them is a school uniform. However, the thoughts are easy to wear, many people have made mistakes or deliberately turned shirts into offensive items.

When wearing a shirt, it is common to avoid wearing too tight a shirt, exposing the distance between the buttons but this Korean beauty is deliberately wearing it like that. Not only that, but she also wears black lingerie that contrasts with white.Especially when this is a student uniform, it is harder to accept. There is no denying the beauty's "mobile bomb" physique but this sensuality is offensively disparaged for being too much.

The name shirt is derived from the French word "chemise", the female version of which is called "chemisier". Initially, they were used as men's inner dressing. It was once considered cowardly when paintings showed shepherds and prisoners dressed in this type of clothing. In the 15th century, 16 shirts were added with elaborately decorated collar details with pleated or posted sections. For a long time, these shirts were considered trendy although at present, it can be seen as too feminine.Even more fussy collars show the social status of the wearer.

Entering the 20th century the status of shirts was again lowered. They are believed to be only for workers as well as those in low positions. Currently, shirts become outfits that represent masculinity, elaborate, strong with a simple design, characteristic neck style.In addition, shirts are also chosen by women to wear, of course with changes in style to better suit girls.

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