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Pretty face, too fiery body, "hot girl selling groceries in Thailand" was praised for the beauty contest

The Miss Universe 2021 online photo contest attracted many contestants to date.

Tonruk Thanapat Ontnikul has a rosy white skin and a slim body.
In the series of contestants announced, in addition to the transgender candidates and the returning contestants, the online photo contest Miss Universe 2021 also appeared many new faces. The girls have ideal height, especially many 10X generation contestants.
All contestants compete fairly against each other.Each contestant has the opportunity to win the Miss Universe 2021 online photo contest, as well as rubbing and experiencing themselves before officially registering to participate in Miss Universe 2021.
One of the impressive factors, attracting the attention of beauty fans is the contestant from Binh Phuoc.Tonruk Thanapat Ontnikul has a balanced body index with a height of 1.73m and a measurement of 3 rounds: 83-60-95cm.
She showed off her well-proportioned figure in underwear shoots.
The owner of "online grocery" is praised by many people as a Thai actress.
She has spent a lot of time cultivating herself, constantly studying to conquer Miss Universe 2021, first of all the online photo contest. Coming to the contest, it is an opportunity for her to assert herself and pursue her passion.

After the image submitted online, Tonruk's profile attracted beauty fans. Many people are surprised by her active life. She does a variety of women-related items and does not hide.The same feature, many people call her funny as "grocery owner". Compared to many other miss contestants, because they want a "clean" private life has deleted or hidden activities or interactions with friends on their profile.

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