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Phonkamon Panyajan eats despite covid-19 epidemic is the "love in dreams" of many young Vietnamese

Angelina Danilova is an Eastern European model who has a blossoming career in one of the major Asian-Korean fashion markets.

Recently, model Phonkamon Panyajan was criticized by netizens for violating the law during the government's Covid-19 epidemic. Specifically, in the video of the new house party posted by the model, YouTuber Sissel posted on his personal channel it was noticed that there were 5 people appearing including Phonkamon Panyajan.
The incident was controversial because all gatherings of 5 or more people were prohibited under the current safety guidelines of seoul's capital government.Social media users voiced: "Why party at a time when the epidemic is stressful", "even getting vaccinated only reduces symptoms, does not guarantee 100% immunity to Covid-19", "they have caused the wrong attention", ,...
In response to the anomalies, Phonkamon Panyajan confirmed that she had attended the reception but in fact only 4 people stayed for dinner and played games, Sissel's boyfriend visited and left." The video is misleading because it was edited in a way that made it seem like 5 people gathered during the Covid-19 outbreak. I asked Sissel to quickly delete the video," she said.
Phonkamon is not a new name for the Asian public in general and Vietnam in particular. 
Possessing a height of 1m76 and an Eastern European appearance, Phonkamon has the advantage of becoming a model. She has participated in a number of fashion weeks, photographed magazines, acted in commercials and was present on television shows.
Phonkamon shared that it was a coincidence.After posting a photo of her dining at a Korean restaurant in Russia on her profile, a Korean grocery show producer texted Phonkamon Panyajan. She then went to South Korea to participate in the program under the global language project model so that foreigners lived with native Koreans.
She added that herself from an ordinary college student suddenly got noticed thanks to social media."Someone posted my photo on the blog, then the Korean netizen started on my SNS and left a comment"- Angelina Danilova shared.
When meeting her in real life, many Koreans did not hesitate to compliment the beautiful Angelina Danilova right on the street.Although the model is not the dream beauty job, everything comes at random and she is also happy about this.On forums about beautiful women in Vietnam, Russian models also received tens of thousands of likes for each photo, many comments revealed her as "real-life angel", "dream wife"...


Concept : Holiday
Model : Phonkamon Panyajan
Photographer : Munin Suwannapirom
#Thailand #Fashion #Concept #Portrait 

Fanpage Support: Jieese Lee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jieeselee/

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