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PattChaa Pariyawatee Sexy "white ao dai angel" when wearing beach clothes

PattChaa Pariyawatee made headlines with her stunning white tunic while sitting on a school bench.

PattChaa Pariyawatee is famous for her angelic face, sexy physique and hourglass.

Despite wearing a discreet tunic, the curve of the schoolgirl's body still reveals authenticity.

Because of her outstanding appearance, PattChaa Pariyawatee is favored with the name of "angel in white".

At the age of 20, She confidently wears costumes that are respectful despite daily life or going to the beach.

Her physique is the factor that makes it easy for her to score in any style.

When going to the beach, She chooses sets with basic colors but impressive shapes such as cut out, chest delay or extremely short pants....

She's famously sexy bust round from a while sitting on the school bench of She was cleverly showed off with an open shirt.

Her fashion style is more about feminine and sexy.

Many models of dresses she wears become a trend for young people because of the appropriate design, affordable price.

Swimsuit models are also diverse in style and color.

She also wears swimsuit sets such as diving gear, which helps to shield her body from burning but still respects her full figure.

Only with beach costumes, She owns a diverse collection of designs.

Whichever style is beautiful and beautiful is suitable for you in the spring age.

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