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Mook Pichana was praised for both beauty and body shape.


"Since entering the modeling industry, I have been fortunate to be adored by the media and readers.I learned and felt that Miss Universe was a fairly suitable contest for the ability and criteria that I was aiming for. Coming to the competition, I want to try, experience and break my limits. And above all, if I can go deeper, I hope to contribute a small part with the contestants in the contest to bring the best messages and things to the community".

Mook Pichana owns a height of 1.7m and a measurement of 3 rings: 88 - 58 -89cm.With this measurement, long legs born in 1998 were praised in accordance with the criteria of the contest, while outperforming the contestants who showed up.

On her fan page, the online community praised her for her physique.Some people commented, Mook Pichana has the beauty of "billion billion fairy" is Mook . Therefore, the comment advised her to register for Miss pageant received more support.

Therefore, many people think that in order to match the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, Mook needs to change her edgy makeup style. Gentle beauty is difficult to conquer the audience in this beauty contest.

Mook shows off her full chest, slender waist with many eye-catching lingerie models.

She has a slim face, which creates sympathy for the person who looks.

Learning more about Mook, she is a lingerie model. On her profile, she regularly shares photos of her wearing lingerie showing off her svelte figure. A small waist of only 58cm is considered as a body golden point for Mook to attract more in the sample photos.

She is a familiar face in Thailand model village. Having performance experience is an advantage that helps her shine in the competition. Not only that, the image on the profile of long legs is shared quite comfortably with daily life, this is one of the aspects for the audience to understand more about Mook.

In everyday life, Mook owns a liberal fashion style.Unashamedly a model, the fashion taste of Thailand long legs is diverse and eye-catching. Body-embellished outfits are indispensable items in her wardrobe.

On her profile, She actively asks friends and relatives for support when like and sharing photos to get the highest score. Candidates with high scores will receive valuable prizes from the organizers.

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