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Model Vo Diamond makes people admire the sexy after marriage.

Before that, her style was somewhat bold, after marrying Ploy Phommachanh more restrained in the way she dressed but still full of charm.

Once she posted a sexy photo on her profile page that made the singer Ploy Phommachanh witty comment: "Mom milk 3 children so why can't my brother stand it".

Many people still have the notion that women after marriage especially after childbirth should not wear sexy outfits.

However, this is absolutely just a concept, the more modern women have a stronger sense of personal ance.

They have the right to wear whatever they want just not to be offensive, in accordance with the circumstances.

Singer Ploy Phommachanh is also a beauty with a sexy lifestyle after marriage and childbirth.Even hotter after having a family.

The beauty shared that because she is thin, the way she dresses also changes, can comfortably wear tight outfits.

The beauty admitted she was more relaxed in her choice of outfit, having curves in her wardrobe.

However, she shared that if she wears something too revealing, she still feels afraid.She also said that he had a more "glimpse" of his wife.

Some of her husband's outfits are considered beautiful but she does not dare to wear them on stage because she is too sexy, not confident.

It is hard to believe that the beauty is married and has children because of her sexy physique in sexy clothes.

Some time ago, She was negatively commented when wearing revealing after marriage.

Concept : Black Appeal
Model : Ploy Phommachanh
Photographer : CupE

Tagline: cupe,ploy,ploy phommachanh,cup e

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