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"Korean Barbie dolls" to women must also be fascinated by the skillful wearing of sexy features

Mimi has been dubbed the Korean "Barbie doll" for her surreal physique and sexy, glamorous, revealing fashion gout.

Hot girl Mimi is famous on Korean social media for her beautiful appearance like a real-life Barbie doll. It is known that she is currently a model specializing in advertising for domestic fashion brands. In addition, Mimi owns its own chain of 3 fashion stores, located in Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, Seoul, South Korea.

Mimi owns a profile with nearly 600,000 followers. She regularly posts pictures of her travels on her Instagram page and has received a lot of love from the online community.

Being able to shape a sexy "mobile bomb", the beautiful shop owner who wears any item on her body also becomes a hot item that many customers ask to buy on the store's own Instagram.

Long, straight legs like a sword are also one of Mimi's appearance advantages. She often prefers bodycon skirts of moderate shortness, hugging her body with elegant colors to maximize her figure.

The pastel tone is extremely popular with this girl. No need to wear a matching outfit, Mimi is still strong enough to indulge the viewers in a pink dress with a superficial shoulder-length pink dress, embellishing the traditional first round, the skirt is flared with a sexy waistline, bringing a gentle, sweet overall like the princess coming out of the fairy tale.

On the contrary, when the pink bodycon design lotus wings ton sur ton with accessories, gives Mimi the sexy, irresistible sexy.

As a beauty who loves lightness, a nude-colored bikini, the highlight is that the tassel detail spread along the body is the perfect choice, while maximating the physical advantage, while helping to highlight the spotless white skin of korean hot girls.

Dressed in a glamorous black monokini design, with a sideline, the Korean beauty anesthets the viewers with her volcano-like hot body.

Thanks to the beauty as real, Mimi is not many times involved in plastic surgery to look like the present.

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