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Kanun Ktg show off her style on Concept : SexyCutie

Kanun Ktg also known by her name Kanun, is one of the familiar actors in the film "Noodle Typing". Kake by Photographer : Anuvat Thammaji

Kanun Ktg possesses a sultry body.

Kanun Ktg  was born in 1994, is a familiar actor in the short series "Noodles Percussion". Before coming to acting, she attended Banking University of Thailand. She possesses a beautiful face and a sexy body.

As an actor, She pays great attention to physique. She regularly shares workout moments on her profile. At the same time, to improve the spirit of fitness, She enthusiastically participates in many endurance challenges. And, plank is her favorite exercise.

Plank is an exercise that helps the waist improve from 4 different muscle areas.4 muscle areas include: straight abdominal muscles, horizontal abdominal muscles, inward diagonal muscles and outer cross muscles. Not only does it work on the abdominal muscles, but plank also builds other muscle groups such as the shoulders, chest, legs and back.

In the recent challenge, She used about 50 lipstick trees placed under the belly to plank. The total value of lipstick is up to tens of millions of dong. This helps her try to extend her time. And the result that She achieved is almost 1 minute.

She regularly shows off her figure in eye-catching swimwear.

Despite her slender figure, The beauty still has hidden abs.

Plank training is a way to train endurance, as long as possible for the waistline. However, for beginners will last for about 30 seconds, then gradually increase. Many people think that plank is easy to practice but in fact quite difficult. In addition, when practicing, the body must form a straight line parallel to the floor. If the hips are raised too high or lowered too much, it will affect the dorsal spine and is not effective for the waist area.

For professional trainees, it is possible to practice plank combining horizontal foot kicking, kicking the hind legs or bending the knees. The harder the exercise, the shorter the workout time to have a slim waist. Plank has many different variations and depending on the health of each person to choose the most suitable exercise.
In addition to the plank episode, She has a passion for sexy dancing. Dance exercises help to free up the body, softer and more flexible. When learning to dance, the lower body is functioning at full capacity, especially the waist and hips. Thao My often combines sexy dancing in tiktok videos, earning many views and comments from the audience.
The workout accounts for up to 30% of the time during the maintenance of the physique.Meanwhile, the remaining 70% depends on nutrition.Good habits help women be young and always full of vitality such as drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep or eating scientifically ...


Concept : SexyCutie
Model : Kanun Ktg
Photographer : Anuvat Thammaji
#Thailand #Fashion #Concept #Portrait 

Fanpage Support: Jieese Lee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jieeselee/

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