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JANE female Thailand director owns trendy style

Regularly choosing to wear specially designed clothes, this Thailand beauty shows impressive fashion personality.

Besides her business, she also livestreams online gaming, so she gets more attention.

JANE was born in 2000 in Thailand.She studied in Seattle, Washington, USA. At the age of 21, She has been the CEO of a personal fashion brand, not only selling online, the beauty opens a store on a large scale, beautiful and eye-catching.Besides, JANE  is also a member of Twitch livestream social network, so it also receives a lot of attention.

Owning her own fashion brand, JANE also shows herself as a person who dresses with taste. The style of Taiwanese beauties is diverse, sometimes personality, young, dynamic, sometimes sexy and seductive.

In particular, JANE actively promotes many "dangerous" fashions, even costumes with a reputation of "extraordinary" but still praised. If you know how to wear it skillfully, these items can completely bring a trendy look to the wearer.

Shorter croptops have made many doubt the use still favored by fashion devotees.Here, she teamed it with a plunging neckline that added a touch of sensuality.

Jeans are familiar outfits but are always transformed to become more trendy.As with this design, the hips are cut-out boldly along with the off-the-shoulder detail that creates a visual impression.

The type of wear that reveals lingerie straps has been controversial because it is considered offensive.This style has existed for a long time and is still a fashion that is hard-working by women because of the sexy intertwined personality.

Dressed in the same "strap" style as "it girl" model Kendall Jenner, She also stands out in her own way.She was so thorough that she chose purple pedicure paint to "tone sur tone" with the outfit.

The beauty "posed" by the car with a fancy set, especially the shape of trousers with deep waistline.Instead of wearing high-waisted trousers as usual to pair with the croptop she wore a unique style of trousers that were somewhat different on top.
She especially loves cut-out designs.The wool skirt is tight, simple to become more eye-catching thanks to the cut-out detail on the upper body, the chest cover is also cleverly twisted.

Concept : Pink
Model : ปริญพัชญ์ ปัญจศรัญศิลป์
Photographer : กุลวัฒน์ บุตรพลวง
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