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How many types of women's do you know?

        They were considered fashionable and "mod" in the UNITED Kingdom when they first launched, and over time became an essential item in the wardrobes of both men and women.

Chelsea Boots

This classic boots have all the heel height as well as the shape of the toe, but the most distinguishable feature of a Chelsea boots is the black elastic side part.These shoes usually have a lump at the back of the boot, which makes it easier to put in.Interesting fact is that the first style of this style is J.Sparkes-Hall worked for Queen Victoria in 1851 because she wanted a pair of laceless shoes.They were considered fashionable and "mod" in the UNITED Kingdom when they first launched, and over time became an essential item in the wardrobes of both men and women.

Battle Boots
The army's combat equipment was originally designed for use by soldiers in combat, as the name suggests.While this style is still carried by members of the military, others tend to look for fashion rather than functionality.The fashion combat shoes still have original military elements, such as round ankles, fastenings, chunky soles and high tubes.But these designs are more flexible, have a variety of textures, from fake croc skin to smooth skin and all colors so that fashionistas can easily mix match and apply in many circumstances.

Weather boots (rain / snow)

When it comes to comfortable shoes, you'll always need a pair of waterproof boots, whether it's snowshoes or rain boots to help you weather the winter storms. But don't worry about having to choose between an ugly pair of rain boots or a pair of shoes that make you wet. Because with the evolution of fashion now, you have a ton of weather-appropriate options in terms of styles and colors, as long as they are waterproof and have sturdy soles.

Thigh boots

Unlike ankle boots, which can leave parts of your skin exposed to unpleasant winter elements, thigh-high boots help you shield —literally absolutely.In it, the classic style has a shaft that touches the middle of the thigh and is often equipped for your legs free from strange ripples and roughness.Thigh-high boots can be worn with tights, jeans, skirts, dresses,... sometimes it will help your legs become slimmer and more serene.

Stiletto heels

A pair of stiletto boots will never go out of style, even though the kitten look has made a comeback in recent seasons. The slim heel can be worn with any style of shoe from Chelsea boots to thigh-high options and looks best when worn with tailor-made shoes. Think of stiletto boots as an alternative to office shoes for fall/winter. You still maintain confidence when wearing normal high heels as well as increasing height.

Riding Boots

You don't have to be a horseman to put on a pair of riding boots. These flat or low heel knee-highs come in a variety of colors and styles, but typically brands will offer them in standard colors like brown, black, navy, or gray. Some riding boots are suede, others are vegan leather, and generally have a very classy touch.

Cowboy Boots

Compared to the past, they are more and more advanced, more and more designers are returning to the inspiration of cowboy boots. They are continually remade through each season, cowboy boots now come in all prints, colors and textures beyond the leather. Special for this season, you'll find everything from kitten heels to spiked metal designs.

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