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Hot gymer Viet wearing these pants does not blame the street for sucking the person from behind

Besides leggings, gym beauties also prefer to wear this style because of the skillful curves.

Hang Nguyen is one of the famous gym beauties who not only have a beautiful physique but also have a bold fashion style.

Besides leggings, gym shorts, jeans are also a "weapon" to help respect the beauty's physique.

Jessie Luong has a dynamic way of dressing, in which it is impossible to ignore the discreet but visually attractive high-waisted jeans.

Gym beauty Mai Suong and her friend just look behind also feel sexy thanks to the choice of jeans, shorts.

Jeans that are glittering but practically praised for being sexy are subtle because they are thick, helping the wearer avoid less graceful errors.

Leggings also have a long but quite thin design, leading to some cases such as lingerie, "sensitive areas".

Jeans especially skinny jeans are appreciated by girls for turning curves skillfully.

Besides gym outfits, beauty Huyen Dior also regularly wears jeans to bring a dynamic but glamorous appearance.

It is easy to see that the beauty combines figure-hugging shirts with high-waisted jeans, the balance is not "prickly".

No need to wear short or cut outfits sometimes discreet can also bring sensuality.

"Ha Thanh gym-goer" Le Dang (Le Xuan Anh) also takes care of skinny jeans like this.

Wearing the same croptop she opted for high-waisted trousers that balanced her short length while gently embracing her slender waist.

Besides, jeans are also an item capable of "mix / match" with a variety of shirt shapes depending on the style.

Here, Le Dang chooses to wear jeans along with an open-plan chiffon shirt in the glamorous first round.

In Hana Giang Anh's wardrobe, there are also jeans, simple but useful clothes.

No longer paired with simple workout tops, the beauty paired it with a bib-neck top and high-waisted jeans. She also made a variation by not closing her trousers to show off her slender waist and toned abs.

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