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Despite weighing only 48kg, Minh Hang still has enough "beautiful weight" bikini rope

 Minh Hang shows off a series of beach moments in early 2021 in a mono bikini set.

Minh Hang shows off her hot body in a swimsuit, as beautiful as a fashion magazine.

During a recent trip, Minh Hang made fans almost rub with a series of swimsuit photos showing off her sexy figure.These are Minh Hang's first swimwear moments in 2021.

She received a "rain" compliment with this series.The comments "ageless beauty", "faint on the spot", "hourglass body"...is america from her fans.

The image was captured in various angles, showing off Minh Hang's toned body.Everything makes the viewers feel like Minh Hang taking photos for fashion magazines.

Every summer, Minh Hang is one of the many Vietnamese beauty who owns the most swimsuit photos.

To maintain a toned body, Minh Hang focuses a lot on training in combination with diet.

Minh Hang owns a waist of 58cm.

Possessing a toned physique, especially an unbelievably tiny waist, Minh Hang has to maintain a workout routine.One of the exercises that helps the actress's slender waist is to fold her belly. This is an exercise that she has been attached to since she first entered the entertainment village to the present. 

Initially, she only performed abdominal folding 20 times / day then gradually increased to 100/ day, in just 1 week will see a clear effect.Whether traveling for business or traveling, Minh Hang tries to maintain this habit."To get good health, a supple body every day Minh Hang spends 1-2 hours to gym.

Therefore, Minh Hang hopes that everyone will continue to maintain the spirit of sports, practice regularly to have better health and more durable every day" - singer Minh Hang said.

Although he admitted to having short legs, it did not make Minh Hang self-deprecating in her swimsuit. She always thinks positively and towards healthy beauty from the inside of her body, not imposing herself according to any beautiful standards.

Also from the moment of losing weight, gaining the body as desired, Minh Hang constantly "released" fans with a series of swimsuit photos. If you follow Minh Hang on social networking sites, you will see her swimwear collection is many uncountable. The design varies from design to color and many different price segments.

Currently, Minh Hang's weight is 48kg.

Passionate about swimsuit designs, Minh Hang is also given a very sexy string swimsuit set by fans.
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