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Concept : Warm Tone by Thanyarat Rodpol Model - Tangkwa

Not only has a sexy body and beautiful beauty like dolls, Thanyarat Rodpol also skillfully chooses beach items.

Thanyarat Rodpol ( Tangkwa ) was born in 1990, known as one of the hot girl Thailand and a pupil of singer Tuan. Not only attracting all eyes by beautiful beauty like dolls, Tangkwa also possesses a sexy physique and a charming slender body.
Famous for many beauties of the same age such as Patchy, Nuttna Thanachartvait,...but Tangkwa still attracts a large fan base because of her spotless beauty and sexy body.
The latest images posted by the beauty on her profile quickly received many favorites of the online community. Dressed in a striking orange bikini, she showed off her fiery rings and figure-loaded "golden points" such as slender shoulders, a glamorous bee back and a smoking deep back groove.
With the advantage of sexy body shape, bodycon dress design, thin mesh material is also an indispensable beach outfit in Thailand beauty wardrobe.To enhance the set, Tangkwa also cleverly combined chanel earrings with a large tone sur tone with a set of necklace accessories, bracelets, rings,... and finally, a personality head scarf with a trendy blue-and-white motif.
The heel-length maxi skirt further enhances the lovely physique and bare back of the 9x hot girl. Not falling into showing off his ostentatious figure, She still scores absolutely by complying with the rule of "only revealing one body part".

The set consists of a short skirt, an asymmetrical design that combines a croptop to the chest to help her show off her full physique, especially the ant's waist and long legs that attract the full gaze of the opposite person.
In addition to the 2-piece bikini, The beauty also loves 1-piece swimsuit models to avoid creating a monotonous, boring feeling while still showing off the maximum body shape. Wearing a black bikini, there's a cut-out right at the glamorous waist.In addition, She also cleverly combines round earrings to make the highlight.

In contrast, the one-piece bikini is harmoniously combined, symmetrical between the two pink - white colors is easy to bring sympathy by the sweet appearance, evoke the beauty of the young woman.


Concept : Warm Tone
Model : Thanyarat Rodpol
Photographer : Kengphoto Chil Chil

#Thailand #Fashion #Concept #Portrait 

Fanpage Support: Jieese Lee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jieeselee/

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