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Common mistakes with women's silk dresses

The silk dress with the high roadway revealed the "top secret" on the street, making the owner fall into an unsightly situation.

Summer has not come yet, but silk designs have spread across the street and are tirelessly promoted by women. With delicate materials, pampering body curves, silk dresses are considered hot items that women must have at least one in their wardrobe. Not only does it make the wearer more elegant, but silk also makes girls fall in love with it because it is both soft, shy, and flying. One person once commented: "All kinds of senses are aroused when wearing this very feminine fabric!".

It seems that it is very easy to wear, but few people expect that silk also has some disadvantages that make girls easily fall into awkward situations. Therefore, if not skillful, many women will become "street disasters" with this flattering item. Many girls appear in public in delicate silk dresses but do not receive many compliments for their offensive indiscretion.

The silk dress has a high slit, making the beauty exposed but unaware. The lightweight fabric feels cool, but it's also the downside of this design because it's easy to push, so with just a slight breeze, the deep slit will inadvertently denounce the "top secret" point of the brands. sisters, causing the owner to fall into the situation of "crying without tears".

Not only that, thin silk skirts are also one of the disadvantages of these designs. This is the electrostatic attraction that often occurs on days when the weather is dry and the skin is not moist enough. To deal with this case, women should apply body cream about 15-20 minutes before wearing, and hang silk skirts with metal hooks, both to minimize the folds and create a flatness for the skin. skin.

The choice of lingerie is also a remarkable case because most women prefer 2-string silk skirts/shirts, slip dress style, so wearing a bra inside accidentally becomes superfluous. Therefore, nippon breast patch is a perfect suggestion for women. This is a cloth paste, nude color is not secretive, not sweaty and quite sturdy.

Thin silk skirts stick to people because of the electrostatic force that makes many women cry and laugh in public.

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