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Beauty 'promoted' increasingly beautiful of runner Tu Anh after giving birth to her first child

After giving birth to her first child, the Vietnam 2012 runner-up became more and more beautiful and charming with beauty rated as 'promoted'.

On her profile, runner-up Tu Anh posted a series of sizzling photos from her april 30 holiday, showing off her physique in a chic, glamorous stylized swimsuit.

Recently, Tu Anh has been very hard to show off her sexy figure in a swimsuit that fans almost admire.

Although she gave birth to her first child not long ago, the beauty soon regained her slender and sexy physique.

It can be said that true to the saying "one girl looks worn eyes", the beauty of the runner-up duong family is increasingly 'promoted' extremely arrogant, beautiful.

She was also more expensive after giving birth to her first child.Tu Anh is one of the very expensive faces of advertising today.

Beauty always stands out at events with an elegant and glamorous fashion sense.

Always appearing with a professional image, Tu Anh is highly appreciated by brands for their working style.

Always aiming for luxurious and classy fashion style, Tu Anh scores with gorgeous costumes, elegant attachments.

Tu Anh once shared that she was fully supported by her grandfather to return to showbiz after giving birth.

The beauty also made the audience jealous when she was loved by her grandfather, often giving her too valuable items on important occasions.

To date, Tu Anh is one of the rare beauties who still retains its charisma after giving birth.

Being the 1st runner-up at Miss Vietnam 2012, Tu Anh is one of the rare runners-up who still retains her charisma after nearly 10 years of hard work in showbiz activities.

Not encroaching on the art field but Tu Anh is still loved by brands.

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