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Baifern's form owns the building that bears his name

 Baifern possesses a hot body thanks to persistent gym.

Baifern has spent a lot of time in recent years. She is one of the "grandmothers" of Thailand long-legged people, owning a building named after her.
Although the third round is 103cm large, her target is 110cm.
She maintains a training time of 5-6 sessions per week to the gym.
She regularly shares workout moments or shows off her sexy swimsuit figure on her profile.
Before the gym, she had many years of yoga.
With Baifern, the new gym is "sincere" to have a prosperous body, expanding the cyst as it is now.
She set a goal to become the beauty with the most beautiful third round of Vietnamese showbiz.
Up to now, Her's large 3rd round number of 103cm is rare in Vietnamese entertainment village.
She focuses more on the exercise of tightening the waist and hatching, the upper body only exercises gently so as not to lose its feminine beauty.
Round 3 full of masterpieces of her received countless compliments from fans.
Training quite a lot so her's diet is not too strict.
She allows herself to eat what she wants but in mode mode it.
According to her, fasting for weight loss is anti-scientific, she discourages female friends from following.
In addition to fasting, many girls also defy taking weight loss pills.

Eating and exercising should go hand in hand to maintain a healthy body.

Fanpage Support: Jieese Lee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jieeselee/

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