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Are women wearing open clothes on the subway the cause of increased risk of harassment?

What you think is a personal right, each person is free to wear what he wants but not really.

Especially when coming to a crowded place, the individual's costumes are also subject to the regulations of community aesthetics, avoiding violations of standards to be disparaged.

Fashion on the subway is also one of the controversial issues when there are many girls wearing offensive clothes.

Carefree or charmless just a thin line apart. Girls can turn themselves into attention centers but should be in a positive sense.

The metro is a crowded place where the gazes are also more.In addition, it is also the site of many harassment cases.

People still blame the girls, especially because they deliberately wear sexy.Is this absolutely correct?

Many people worry that open clothes are one of the causes of harassment in public.

According to Huffpost, in 2017 Chinese netizens were furious when the Shanghai Metro System made public an image of a girl dressed in a costume.

In addition, they addressed the issue of harassment on the subway.The fact that the girls are dressed shortly below is like "inviting".

Some people speak out, there is no denying the objections of some cases of poor fortune.

But it is impossible to agree that it is the cause for the instincts of men.

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