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"The most beautiful dwarf mushroom in England", "hot girl 900 billion dollars" addicted to thin skirts like a spider silk

Demi Rose and Kylie Jenner often choose designs that embrace the maximum of the S-curve.

Demi Rose is known as "the sexiest dwarf mushroom in England". Although she does not possess an impressive height, she still stands out thanks to her physique.

While the other models try to be thin, Demi Rose builds a "fertile", full of vitality.

To maximize the advantage of physique, beauties often choose designs that are tight, embracing the body like a second skin layer.

Not showing the sexy look with cut details, this outfit creates an attraction with tight embrace.

The soft S-curve is skillfully described as doubling the charm of women.

However, Demi Rose also caused a lot of controversy because of this "braised" style. Especially when wearing plastic skirt designs.

Although plastic clothing is shiny, it is not appreciated because it is not good for health and affects the blood circulation.

And clothes made of stretch fabric will easily stretch in the 1st and 3rd round, making the image of the wearer lacking in proper fashion.

Besides micro bikinis, Demi Rose also loves hugging items like this.

Undeniably the "hourglass" figure of Demi Rose is clearly depicted by the outfit.

Another beauty who likes to wear tight-fitting above is Kylie Jenner.

The body of Kylie Jenner's "mobile bomb" is shown through tight outfits, with more cutting details.

Choosing tight, long-form clothes, but Kylie Jenner did not forget to dazzle the outfit with exposed details.

Sometimes without being fussy just for a simple plain black bodycon, Kylie Jenner confidently went down the street.

Although tight and long wearing, her curves are still not obscured, on the contrary it also makes her figure stand out more.

But also because it is too tight, many people worry that Kylie Jenner's costume may be torn at any time.

Kylie Jenner night out fashion is also quite loyal to the above style, embracing the curves.

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