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Short schoolgirl uniform on the street makes road users afraid to change

Many beauties are criticized for wearing "horn saws" by transforming their ridiculous, provocative uniforms.

Uniforms in some Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Thailand,...has long been the symbol, characteristic, pride of many high schools. Hallim Art High School is the dream of many students.Not only owning a beautiful boys and girls, this is also a school famous for its beautiful, expensive uniforms, often inspired by directors when exploiting youth film themes, school gardens.Recently, on a Kpop forum, an article posting "peeling off" the price of this school's uniform stunned many people.It is known that the price of a winter uniform is 663 US dollars (more than 15 million VND) and the summer uniform is 400 US dollars (9.3 million VND).

The schoolgirl uniforms are many beautiful people on the street but are shortened to the fullest, easy to cause dis sympathy.

Not only is it sacred to boys and girls throughout high school, uniforms have become a fashion trend, an inspiration for the later preppy style, beloved by many young girls and regularly tossed down the street. However, many beauties are criticized for wearing "horn saws" by transforming their ridiculous, provocative uniforms. Especially the already wrapped shirts are also cut all the way into croptops, showing off the ant waist and super short schoolgirl skirt, showing off her long legs but easy to cause dismay.

Beautiful face, beautiful but she was criticized for outfit inspired by short schoolgirl uniform, sexy shape.

On the streets, it is not difficult to see the images of many young girls who like to "saw horns" in the design of croptop shirts, showing off slender waists and schoolgirl skirts, showing off their sultry legs, in order to attract the attention of crowds.

The uniform associated with the beautiful memories of the students during their time on the school bench, is now stylized to the point of objection.

Most netizens have criticized these images for inadvertently cheering the act of wearing uniforms, showing offensive body, misleading many people about the inherent meaning of the uniforms.On many online shopping sites, there are many products labeled 18  such as short skirts, tight shirts inspired by schoolgirl style with cheap prices, popular with many girls.Earlier, South Korean men's magazine Maxim had been "stoned" by the public for leaving models in schoolgirl uniforms including: shirts hugging their bodies mixed with pencil skirts, embellishing hot curves.

Beautifully dressed with schoolgirl style

The school-oriented schoolgirl style, which originated from 1900-1950, has become a fashion trend for high-class girls, loved by today's women for creating a sense of comfort, dynamic but no less youthful.Just master the elegant, graceful formula while ensuring freshness, by wearing shirts or blouse with bows, girls can conquer difficult eyes.

Some other characteristic items such as caro patterned suit, pencil skirt or pleated glass with moderate shortness, preppy breath is the perfect choice for girls who love graceful schoolgirl style.

Caro suit is the perfect choice for beauties pursuing school style.

Referring to the schoolgirl style, it is indispensable for short pencil skirts or loose-fitting glasses.

Bow-tie blouse gives girls an elegant, fresh look of high school girls.

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