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Men have to salute because the "dangerous" cut, exposing their sister's less charming parts

The pants / skirt cut thighs deeply, revealing the parts on the street of the beautiful "bombs" that easily make men "distract" their gaze.

The "bombarded" hot pants on the street every summer, are still called "short shorts" because their designs are shorter than short, not only help women to honor hot curves but also work. stretch your legs without using any godly photo editing apps.

The beauty is controversial because she wears a "scandalous" fashion to the public.

The wide leggings combined with a deep thigh cut, accidentally revealing the underwear peeking inside, but this girl doesn't seem to notice.

Also wearing a similar style shorts, beautiful people pose in the middle of the street, despite glaring glances.

From the thighs, buttocks and legs are all "show" out completely to the point of not being perfect, so the "criminal" pants are always favored and must-have-item that certain girls. must be in my locker.

If short pants with a thigh-tight sleeve will leave the restricted area, on the contrary, the tube is too wide, it is easy to denounce the inner lining, so this trend is falling into the top of the outfit that needs to be killed.

Because of the too much show of skin, many pink shadows are met with harsh criticisms because they are engrossed in showing off their body too much.

Short shorts with deep thighs are also considered "criminals" because they easily make the wearer fall into a situation that is both funny and funny.

But, undeniably, since its inception up to now, hot pants still remain as hot as their name suggests.

Many beauties are labeled "spoiled", disregarded for their appearance, or judged with dignity when wearing short pants, especially women have to face a double standard: how to wear it to be beautiful, to be sexy. still have to fit the eyes of the majority.

A part of fastidious people asserted, they are not strict about women not wearing short clothes on the street, but it is not so much sexy.

Not only shorts, thigh-split skirts are also one of the costumes that cause "danger" for the wearer, if they do not know how to control the outfit.

Dressed in a slim-winged "the room" dress, the beauty of the street is "reported harm" by the road, revealing the less charming spare part in public.

Wearing a thin silk dress with deep lines, but she is carefree and poses, despite the "danger" lurking.

The thigh split skirt is also one of the items to honor long legs, which are loved by many beauties ...

... but wearing it smart and beautiful is still a difficult problem.

There is no need to wear a short skirt, this girl also attracts a lot of attention by the "criminal" dress, making it difficult for people to wear.

Even in a short fashion, you must also offer to lose before these dangerous rips.

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