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Ky Duyen mans the fashion of the pants, unbuttoned

Miss America Duyen owns a variety of fashion styles with impressive outfits.

Ky Duyen has an impressive costume variation to bring out a charming and trendy look.

Recently, Ky Duyen has published a number of pictures on her personal page. The queen chose a simple outfit including a T-shirt and wide-tube jeans. Noteworthy is the variation of Ky Duyen's items. A simple white t-shirt is tied high to become a crotop.

With jeans, she did not button as usual, but left indifferent. This helps Ky Duyen show off her slim waist and flat, toned belly area. The beauty also humorously revealed: "Before taking 20 crunches". Netizens praised: "Duyen is really beautiful", "Beautiful waist", "Excellent", ...

Many times, Ky Duyen has been criticized for her difficult to understand style of dress, lack of fashion.

Ky Duyen has many new fashion experiments. Beauty does not confine herself in a single image, just sexy, seductive or dynamic, youthful. 7 years since the coronation, leaving behind the criticism before, Ky Duyen is being appreciated in many ways, including the fashion field.

Ky Duyen appears more at fashion events, showing the "transformation" of her style.

Appeared at Ky Duyen events to choose from elegant, sexy and luxurious outfits.

Ky Duyen's style is not appreciated because it is cheesy, the outfit is not fashionable.

Even Ky Duyen was said to wear designer clothes but did not exude the luxury.

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